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My father started this small car dealership in the early 90s. He loved it and it made him very proud to get to do it. He always told me the stories of the beginning stages and being nervous to make it work. He was young with a young family, me my 2 older brothers and our mother. Our mom was always a tremendous support he said he couldn’t have done it without her. He had a good job at ASU that he was hesitant on leaving. He said a lot of his coworkers thought he was kind of crazy for the idea of opening a car lot in Vilas. He told me on different occasions through the years he was sure glad he did it. My dad was well liked. Everywhere I went with him he had friends. He always treated me like an adult even when I was just a kid. He taught me about respect and character. Through my childhood and early career of working with him I learned what a cool dad I had. He self-taught himself so many things. He was smart and had a charming way about him. Whether it was skilled labor or thoughtful trade, everything I saw him commit to it seemed like he was just good at it! He allowed me to get involved with the car lot more and more as the years went on. I worked at a grocery store and got to do the cars with dad in the time I had off. I'm very thankful for the several years we did it together. He was teaching me about everything he had learned in the car business without even really trying to. We spent a bunch of days in nice southern areas hunting for and going after cars together. We had many good times selling cars here at the lot also. Thousands. In 2021 we lost my dad to a battle of cancer. Boy those were the hardest times Ive ever had. My dad's presence of love and character is still with us and even displayed through his hard nights and days of work here at the dealership. Today the car lot operates like my dad wanted it to in the Heart of Vilas. In memory of my awesome dad, Ricky Church.

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